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We believe the world needs leaders who are deeply self-aware and people-minded, in organizations that create the conditions for psychological health and safety. We offer coaching, facilitation, and communication services to help you embed – and sustain – behaviour change in your organization.


Agency II Change | leadership coaching


Leadership is the most critical element of a thriving culture. We use the globally-recognized Enneagram iEQ9 as well as the Leadership Circle Profile assessment tools, in conjunction with customized coaching programs, to help you identify your leadership strengths and blind spots. Our coaching programs serve to unlock your full leadership potential and support you in navigating culture transformation with your team so your team members are thriving and fulfilled.



Psychological safety is critical to team and organizational success. We develop customized workshops to introduce leadership teams and employees to the evidence-based framework for psychological health and safety in the workplace. Our interactive workshops and team coaching programs facilitate open and honest dialogue among teams to unearth the barriers hindering an optimal culture and develop strategies to forge clear paths forward.



We develop internal communication programs that embed meaningful dialogue, create honest conversations, and measure behaviour change across the organization


Bespoke Programs

If you’re looking to embed sustainable behaviour change in your team or organization, or are undergoing significant organizational change, we offer bespoke programs that integrate our coaching, facilitation and communication core offerings to create a customized experience. These programs are always tied to business strategy and goals, and embed ongoing reporting metrics so that you have measurable, trackable outcomes and success measures.

Let’s create a thriving culture

Unlock your team’s potential

We’ll equip your team to have an honest dialogue, and engage them in the process of creating a psychologically healthy workplace – where each individual is set up to make their greatest contribution.

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