Get great results with your team, without the burnout.
is possible!)

You’re a leader who wants to honour the individual needs and motivations of each team member while still delivering great results for your company—and odds are, virtually all of your team members want the same thing: to feel like a productive, valuable contributor….without sacrificing their physical, emotional or mental health.

However, you find yourself pulled into managing customized, flexible work arrangements, ever-increasing workloads and new demands for work-life balance that are reasonable but feel impossible to meet.

How can you find that sweet spot between results, fulfillment, and well-being? Not just for your team, but for you as well.

It’s about conscious productivity™.

In my research and work with clients, creating a productive, healthy work environment that works for everyone requires three elements: clarity (everyone knows what’s needed and expected), climate (the norms, processes, and environment needed for success), and flow (individual team members take ownership of their accountability, focus, and fulfillment).

Every team program has unique elements based on your needs while including several common components:

Understanding the Principles of Self-Management

This isn’t about creating a self-managed team, but the core elements of accountability, shared agreements, and how to understand and leverage your unique preferences and strengths will be defined.

Interpersonal dynamics

Every team member will learn more about their individual work styles and how they connect together, including with your leadership style. We will use the Enneagram to understand the underlying dynamics of each person and how to integrate them.

Resiliency and Psychological Health and Safety (PHS)

I leverage my PHS and resilience certifications to help you and your team members understand the factors that impact your ability to be resilient through change and challenges – both at the individual and team levels. (Spoiler: it’s not about grinding and powering through!)

Change as a Team

Change continues to be ever-present for teams. You’ll learn and implement new ways of working effectively with one another through change, communicating well in times of stress, and coaching and supporting each other through change.


Ongoing sustainment

I provide team coaching support as you work through the natural ups and downs of establishing new work norms and agreements. This can also include separate individual coaching for the leader.

One-off sessions and introductory workshops are available on the topics of resiliency, psychological health and safety, and work-life balance.

All of my longer-term programs are customized during an upfront assessment to better understand your goals and gaps. And, the programs incorporate the components mentioned above. These form the building blocks for participants—whether focused on individuals, teams, or the entire organization.

Here’s what my clients have to say about working together …

“Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Enneagram and Team Dynamics (and how they work hand in hand). We recently had her speak to our team at a group retreat and our team took away so much about themselves, and how to better serve our clients and work with each other. She was organized, efficient, and detailed from the time we booked all the way through follow-up after the event! You won’t regret hiring Agency to Change!”

– Emily Chisholm  | Director of Client Success, Empowered Profit

Core components. Custom solutions. Leadership development programs to meet your unique needs.


I love working with individual teams because it’s an opportunity to help optimize the connections between leaders and team members. Each team program is customized to meet the needs of the team and typically includes:

+ Up-front analysis, including a review of any team survey results or interviews with team members as needed to understand the current team dynamics

+ Team personality assessments diagnostics (e.g., Enneagram, resiliency, psychological health and safety)

+ Combination of workshops and leader and/or team coaching

+ Refinement and customizations of program plans, based on the changing needs of the group

My certification in psychological health and safety (PHS), as well as resiliency, means I can ensure that these elements are woven into the program content to support the fulfillment and well-being needs of team members.

I’ll complete a rapid diagnostic as we start to work together, using my experience and deep listening process to surface gaps and blocks

Leverage the unique strengths and needs of every team member without needing to create bespoke agreements.

If you see “unique needs” and sighed inside, this isn’t about creating individual arrangements with each person on your team, requiring ongoing analysis and adjustments. Instead, you’ll be creating a new way of defining the work and timelines in a way that creates strong ownership and accountability for doing the work, so that individuals can manage their work according to their needs and working style, while honouring the shared needs and agreements of the team as a whole (and without needing micromanagement from you).

I love helping teams understand their collective personality dynamics and approach to work in a way that helps them achieve their goals while maintaining optimal well-being. This isn’t about team yoga at lunchtime; it’s about creating processes for defined accountability, shared team norms and agreements, and establishing true individual ownership and accountability.

Team Performance Programs

These are developed based on the gaps you’ve identified and the topics that feel most relevant to your team today, including:

Team development single workshops


All workshops are focused on practical skill building with key actions and takeaways; most are 1.5-3 hours in length and are customized based on your environment, industry, and team needs

Topics range, often focused on:

+ Work-life balance: defining success and balance across all areas of your life

+ Supporting your ongoing wellness – Engaging your seven resiliency “muscles” to meet everyday challenges and ongoing change

+ Strengthening resiliency: assessing and managing challenges and change across all areas of your life

+ An introduction to psychological health and safety

Conscious Productivity™ for Team Program

This is a multi-month program that helps you find your team’s sweet spot of results, fulfillment, and well-being.

You will:

+ Understand your team’s personality dynamics with a team Enneagram report to understand team strengths and areas for potential conflict and misunderstanding

+ Form team agreements for creating shared accountability and working norms

+ Strengthen your team’s resiliency to face ongoing uncertainty and change

+ The program includes a team diagnostic, professional Enneagram reports for all participants, individual and team resiliency plans, and articulated team agreements.

+ You also have the option to add in team coaching and/or coaching check-in meetings to keep your team on track as you integrate new skills and concepts to your team’s workflow

Ready to embark on a remarkable transformation? Let’s talk.

No matter how you’re feeling right now about your career path – inspired, frustrated, hopeful, determined – we’ll work through it together. I’m a great listener. Let’s talk and brainstorm ideas for what you can do next.

You’re ready. Your team is ready.

Let’s unlock your full potential

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