It’s time for the next evolution of your leadership.

You’re ambitious, no question. And you take the role and responsibility of leadership seriously. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and work is an important part of your identity.

Sound like you?

Let’s accelerate your leadership journey and optimize your leadership style. You know that the workforce is changing, in terms of their needs, wants, and approach to work.

But work isn’t everything. You are ready to work sustainably and deliver excellence, without pushing yourself—or your team—to the edge of exhaustion, over and over again. You want to feel the joys of winning at work, without needing a vacation or downtime to recover from it. And you want this for your team, too.

My coaching programs will help you create a “both/and” approach to creating the sweet spot of results, fulfillment, and well-being, for yourself, so you can enjoy your work and your life. And lead in a way that creates this for your team as well.

We start by understanding your unique strengths, superpowers, and areas of focus.

In my coaching programs, you’ll gain a better understanding of your personality patterns, leadership style, work strengths, and areas of focus through the Enneagram and Leadership Circle Profile assessments. You’ll start to define your own parameters for success that work with your needs for fulfillment and well-being.

The word “superpower” might feel overused, but when you’re working from a place of strength and your team is on their own great path to success and fulfillment, it will feel superhuman.

Here’s what my clients have to say about working together …

“Working with Stephanie has been an absolute game-changer for me. She has provided insightful counsel and unwavering support that has propelled my professional development forward. She has the unique ability to listen deeply, ask the right questions, and empower me to uncover the right solutions. What sets Stephanie apart is her holistic approach – she understands that success is not just about skills and titles, but also about well-being and balance. She’s helped me strike that balance, enabling me to excel in my career while maintaining my sense of self and well-being. I’m incredibly grateful to Stephanie for her impact on my journey and confidently recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated partner in their growth.”

– Meghan Sherwin  |  PRESIDENT, Keilhauer

I’ll be your sounding board, your guide, and your safe space to grow.

So often, your days are filled with situations that require you to be “on”—to have the answers, remove barriers, and lead well. Rarely are you able to carve out time to talk through your biggest challenges, barriers or fears and receive the coaching and support you offer to your team.

I see the desire in every leader to be the best possible version of themselves, and I delight in helping you find the next evolution of your leadership. You need a space where you can get vulnerable and talk through some of your own challenges and stresses in leading businesses and teams through these times.

I create a space for you to talk through your doubts, questions, issues, and conflicts so that you can take action on what matters and integrate best practices into your work.

Backed by more than 10 years of coaching experience, certifications, and decades of “real world” executive experience.

There are lots of coaching options, but many coaches aren’t able to base their programs in the realities of leadership in the corporate world. I’ve been there and it allows me to frame our conversations with practical examples and guidance you can take back to your team, your colleagues at the leadership table, or your Board.

Leadership development coaching is for senior leaders and executives; typically, Director level and above. There’s a range of topics and options we can explore through coaching together, but there are typically two distinct paths (although they can be combined):


Executive & Leadership Coaching Program


You’ll learn more about your personal leadership style, uncover unexpected gaps or biases, and build new approaches to your work that will help you and your team thrive.

One-on-one leadership coaching is customized for your needs in programs from 3-6 months and may include:

+ Completing a 360 leadership assessment through the globally recognized Leadership Circle Profile

+ Deepening awareness of your personality strengths and constraints – as they apply to leadership, the workplace, and your relationships – through the Enneagram

+ Developing new habits and skills for making shifts in how you operate at work (and sometimes in life too)

+ Finding ways to balance your personal interest in high performance at work with your interests for personal fulfillment and well-being

+ Having a sounding board for “the issue of the day”


“Career Clarity” Coaching Program


The Career Clarity program provides support for individuals at any level who are in career transition, craving a career transition, or interested in starting to explore options for a fulfilling career path that makes use of their strengths and interests.

We’ll work together for 6 sessions (including a 90-minute kick-off session), which will include the following:

+ Uncovering new insights about your work styles, preferences, strengths, and possible blocks by completing and debriefing your professional
Enneagram report

+ Developing your personal decision criteria for assessing career paths, industries, organizations, and roles of interest

+ Deepening your understanding of what environments and responsibilities are best for you, and which support the vision you hold for your
whole life (not just your work life).

Note: this isn’t necessarily about taking the leap, or about identifying a specific role (after all, there are likely many roles, organizations, and industries that might be a good fit). It’s about forming your unique career decision criteria based on your values, strengths, constitution and the environments in which you thrive.

If burnout and fatigue are weighing you down, you aren’t alone.

It might be that you struggle with fatigue and burnout, even if you need to hide it from your colleagues, your team, and possibly, from your family and friends as well. Other solutions you’ve tried to change to get out of this loop have asked you to give up striving so hard to achieve, which isn’t something you’re ready to give up.

I see you. I’ve been exactly where you are.

My experience as a type-A, hyper-productive leader who struggled with burnout was the basis for my first book The Big Scale Back and it forms an important part of the individual leadership coaching work that I do. I coach from the perspective of your whole life – not just your work life.

Ready to embark on a remarkable transformation? Let’s talk.

No matter how you’re feeling right now about your career path – inspired, frustrated, hopeful, determined – we’ll work through it together. I’m a great listener. Let’s talk and brainstorm ideas for what you can do next.

You’re ready. Your team is ready.

Let’s unlock your full potential

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Want the inside scoop on the secrets to achieving conscious productivity, both as a leader and an individual? Join my newsletter for research, trends, and success stories about navigating the new way to achieving true balance of results and well-being.

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