Meet your goals and create a healthy environment where everyone can thrive.

No question, many organizations in all industries are feeling the pressure to accelerate change and improve performance. Or, you might be implementing a new strategic plan or need to reinvigorate your workplace culture to address the changing needs of your business.

At the same time, you’re seeing change resistance from your employees. They might be feeling any number of expected and very human emotions about the degree of change they’ve experienced in recent years, and they’re finding it difficult to keep up.

Achieving great results while meeting the needs of your team members might feel like an impossible hill to climb. But when you begin to implement solutions that address the needs of the organization and individuals, a new light begins to glimmer.

What if you could find team development and coaching programs that helped you find that sweet spot of results, fulfillment, and well-being?

You need a new approach to create that sweet spot. Here’s how.

We tend to swing too far one way or the other—whether it’s demanding employees check their personal lives at the door (we know how well that went during the pandemic) or really struggling trying to meet everyone’s unique needs.


Your success stems from 3 distinct components:


Does every team member have a clear understanding of context, expectations, and shared goals?


Does every team have well-established dynamics for achieving results and minimizing friction and unhealthy conflict?


Can every team member work in optimal ways – and in line with their individual needs – to achieve their outcomes?

Here’s what my clients have to say about working together …

“Practical, smart, and knowledgeable. Stephanie is a breath of fresh air. She listened to our business HR needs and created solutions that worked for us versus suggesting out of the box pie in the sky HR ideas.  She really captured our organizational culture, knew all the right questions to ask, offered insightful suggestions, and helped me think through critical issues. She guided me through the process of embedding psychological health and safety factors and practices into our everyday behaviors. I was thrilled with the finished product and believe not only myself, but all our employees were better for having had Stephanie guiding us on our journey.  If you are lucky enough to have Stephanie with your organization, you should jump at the chance.”

Erin Poirier  |  
VP, Human Resources, SCM Insurance Services

Core components. Custom solutions.
Leadership development to meet your unique needs.

Organizational Leadership & Team Development Programs

I have extensive leadership experience—as a consultant and as a member of executive leadership teams—and I support your ongoing organizational programs by providing bespoke solutions to support the new needs of your leaders.

I’ll complete a rapid diagnostic as we start to work together, using my experience and deep listening process to surface gaps and blocks. I’ll also leverage my psychological health and safety and resilience certifications to ensure the program is supportive of the critical (but often ignored) mental health needs of your teams.

When I work with senior leadership teams to deliver company-wide solutions, the programs are customized but have several common features:

+ Analysis of existing work styles, processes and uncovering gaps through deep listening and focus group activities

+ Customized program, workshop training and coaching design and delivery

+ Communications support for developing and aligning messages throughout the program (including Board reports and presentations)

At the same time, emphasizing what’s needed for psychological health and safety for all team members is an important priority. My certification as a PHS practitioner provides the foundation for this work across all of my programs.

Leadership and team development programs and workshops


I develop custom workshops and programs, based on a range of topics, including:

+ Accountability & optimizing team performance

+Embedding psychological health & safety in your everyday approach to work

+ Leadership development for current leaders, high potentials, and emerging leaders

+ Team development: understanding team dynamics to build shared agreements, understanding around accountability, and optimizing team performance

+ Understanding and cultivating individual and team resiliency

+Translating the corporate values into everyday behaviours


Interactive Keynotes & Fireside Chats


One of the best ways to kickstart new approaches to work is to share a vision for the future state. My interactive keynotes and ask-me-anything fireside chats are designed to draw people into a shared conversation with back-and-forth dialogue, table discussions, and open Q&A.

Past topics have included:

+ Psychological Health and Safety: From Buzzwords To “How-we-do-things-around-here”

+ Strengthening Resiliency: Managing Everyday Challenges

+ Work-life Balance: The Shift From Unconscious To Conscious Productivity

Ready to embark on a remarkable transformation? Let’s talk.

No matter how you’re feeling right now about your career path – inspired, frustrated, hopeful, determined – we’ll work through it together. I’m a great listener. Let’s talk and brainstorm ideas for what you can do next.

You’re ready. Your team is ready.

Let’s unlock your full potential

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Want the inside scoop on the secrets to achieving conscious productivity, both as a leader and an individual? Join my newsletter for research, trends, and success stories about navigating the new way to achieving true balance of results and well-being.

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