The world needs leaders who are deeply self-aware and people-minded. With effective leadership and psychological safety you can create the conditions for a thriving workplace culture.


Unlocking Leadership Potential

If you’re reading this page, you understand that leadership is much more than a title. It’s about honoring and living your values, and showing up intentionally, deliberately, and on purpose for your people every day. It’s about creating the conditions for creativity, innovation, and performance. Today’s leadership also requires understanding new levers for work-life fulfillment and how to support them for each member of your team.

It takes effort and it doesn’t always feel easy, does it? In fact, it can feel downright uncomfortable. Being that beloved leader that everyone wants to work with and for – who inspires performance, and empowers their people – is within your grasp.

It’s a matter of being willing to put in the time and the personal work. It’s also about embedding ways of working in your team and workplace that create the conditions for meaningful dialogue, creativity, and innovation.

At Agency II Change, our work begins with unlocking your business leadership potential. We will identify and leverage your natural strengths and uncover your blind spots to maximize effectiveness. We then equip you, and your team, with a shared understanding and framework for how to approach your work together, one that embeds the principles of psychological safety, so that your workplace becomes an environment where your teams can thrive.

Whether you are leading an entire company, multiple teams or a single employee, we create effective and achievable strategies that will empower you to connect with your teams, nurture talent, foster innovation, and drive success within your organization.

Coaching, Facilitation, and Communication:

Customized leadership and team coaching programs, psychological safety workshops, and internal communication planning.


Clarity may be your best time management tool

Clarity may be your best time management tool

Providing clarity early on – as a leader, as a cross-departmental colleague, as a project or program lead, or in virtually any other role – can save time, meetings, re-work, review time, and unnecessary conflict…

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You’re ready. Your team is ready.

Let’s unlock your full potential

We’ll co-create a customized program to equip you to be the leader you know you want to be and to create a thriving culture for your team – where your people are enabled, and eager, to bring their best to work every day—thriving and fulfilled.

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