We believe that the world needs leaders who are deeply self-aware and people-minded. We offer coaching, facilitation, and communication services to help you embed – and sustain – behaviour change in your organization.




I’m a leadership coach and facilitator, working with individuals, teams, and organizations to create workplace cultures that prioritize results and relationships; productivity, and people. I focus all of my work on helping people feel focused, energized, and deeply satisfied with their work.

I’ve spent the bulk of my career as a facilitator and coach to C-Suite and senior leadership teams during times of significant organizational change, helping them manage themselves and lead their teams through uncertainty. This work solidified my passion for leadership development and creating thriving workplace cultures. It was this passion that led me to found Agency II Change.

I believe that leadership is the most critical component to a thriving culture and that the world needs leaders – now more than ever – that are people-minded and have a deep understanding of themselves, their tendencies, and their impact. Research has also demonstrated the importance of psychological health and safety in the workplace – it creates the conditions for innovation, creativity, and thriving workplace cultures. It is why rigorous leadership coaching and embedding the principles of psychological health and safety are at the crux of our programs.

My work helping people find and create a work and life that fulfills them is also the basis for my first book, The Big Scale Back, with a goal of helping more people recover from burnout (or being on the brink of burning out) and find new ways for work-life fulfillment.

My formal education is in psychology and communication with an Hons BA in Psychology and an MA in Communications from Boston University. In addition to being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, in recent years I’ve also added specialties in resilience by completing my Certified Resilience Practitioner training through the Resilience Alliance, Psychological Health and Safety through the Canadian Mental Health Association, as well as personality and leadership assessment certifications for the Enneagram and The Leadership Circle Profile. Prior to founding Agency II Change, I held a variety of leadership roles, focused on helping leaders navigate and communicate through times of high change.


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