This isn’t the time for old-school, cookie-cutter leadership development solutions.

“Having it all” feels impossible these days. Leaders and team members are feeling that it’s impossible to meet their goals and support their physical and mental well-being needs. They’re feeling caught between their interest in delivering great work and their ability to sustain the capacity levels to do it.

I work with leaders and teams who are working in this gap and want a new path forward to be possible, one where great results can be achieved without sacrificing personal well-being or fulfillment.

The modern approach to work understands that you and your team can’t continue to ignore your physical well-being or your mental health in pursuit of your goals. You need leadership skills unique to the needs of your team to guide the way forward so both can be possible.

Welcome to Conscious Productivity™.

 Customized solutions to help individual leaders, teams, and organizations thrive and succeed. (Like baking a cake and having time to eat it too.)

Programs and Services for Individuals

Programs and Services for Teams

Programs and Services for Organizations

What’s the secret to helping leaders and teams achieve the sweet spot between results, fulfillment,
and well-being?


In all of my programs—whether we focus on leadership skill development, navigating the interpersonal dynamics of the team, or providing support to an ongoing initiative—I help you (and your team too) better understand yourselves, your tendencies, and your working dynamics. You’ll build unique accountability systems and shared agreements for greater accountability without putting all of the responsibility for carrying it on your shoulders. You’ll lead your team to achieving your strategic goals, and provide new ideas for how to build greater fulfillment and well-being into your regular routines.

All of that, without anyone burning out.

You might be saying to yourself, “oh, mental health concerns aren’t an issue for my workforce” but it’s likely that some level of fatigue and burnout is happening under the surface, even if your employees are trying not to show it. It’s why I spend time at the start of every client relationship to unpack your environment, goals, and the key concerns happening under the surface, so we can co-create the right solutions.

Here’s what my clients have to say about working together …

“Stephanie created a customized presentation for all my staff on how to develop resiliency through the difficult times during COVID. It was extremely well-received and proved very helpful for all of us.”

– Mike Green  | President & CEO, ObjectSharp

New Goals for Today’s Leaders: Excellent Results, Optimal Well-Being, and Personal Fulfillment.


My goal in all of my client programs is to figure out the “both-and” solutions that help you thrive and achieve.

This looks like:

+ Developing leadership practices that instill accountability, while providing the flexibility and autonomy today’s workforce desires

+ Gaining a deep understanding of the unique personality dynamics of you and your team, and how to work cohesively to prevent unnecessary friction and unhealthy conflict (all the stuff that gets in the way of well-being and fulfillment)

+ Establishing shared agreements and accountability protocols so that everyone has clarity and a shared understanding of the work (this means less micro-managing and more personal ownership)

+ Letting go of policy-driven mandated behaviours to focus on the best structures and approaches to meet the unique needs of your team

Whether you have needs at the individual leader, team, or organization level, I’ve got programs and solutions that can help.

Solutions for Individual Leaders

My one-on-one leadership coaching programs are for individuals looking to accelerate their leadership journey, and/or hone their skills to best manage today’s workforce. One-on-one coaching programs often run alongside team and organizational programs but can also be a standalone offering.

Solutions for Teams

When I talk about success and well-being for teams, I’m not talking about offering healthy snacks or a meditation room (although I would never tell you to stop doing those things!). Yoga is not the solution to burnout. What will solve burnout and other mental health challenges that keep us from optimal performance at work is removing the friction about when and how work gets done. You want to prevent burnout, not put a bandaid on it.

Solutions for Organizations

I have spent my entire career and executive life in organizations undergoing significant change—whether service delivery model changes, new technology transformations, or other large-scale, organizational-wide changes with significant people impacts.

Ready to embark on a remarkable transformation? Let’s talk.

Book a strategy call with me today and let’s shape a future together where new parameters for well-being, fulfillment, and success in high-performing teams are the norm.

Even if you’re unsure whether you’re ready for support, I’ll share some ideas that might help you figure out what could be next for you and your team.

You’re ready. Your team is ready.

Let’s unlock your full potential

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Want the inside scoop on the secrets to achieving conscious productivity, both as a leader and an individual? Join my newsletter for research, trends, and success stories about navigating the new way to achieving true balance of results and well-being.

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