Remove the tension between results and well-being.

You might be feeling the pressure from all sides—-from your employees, from colleagues, your leader, clients—there’s no shortage of people putting expectations on you and your team.

You want to achieve success and lead your team to meet their goals, but … (and there’s always a but), it can feel impossible to accomplish everything without pushing too close to burnout for you and your team. The idea of finding the right balance between results and well-being can feel out of reach

There’s another way. Let’s make the previously impossible, possible.

The sweet spot of results, fulfillment, and well-being.

Welcome to Conscious Productivity™.

You’re in the era of perpetual change—hybrid work, AI, sustainability, an ever-fluctuating economy or other disruptions that require new skills from you as a leader. In parallel, new workplace culture priorities and expectations like belonging, flexibility, and well-being are important and are more than just buzzwords to you.

You want to create a workplace environment that helps you and your team thrive. You’re looking for that magical combination where results, fulfillment, and well-being intersect – for yourself, your team, and your company.

You’ve come to the right place.

“Companies can gain a competitive edge with a dual focus on people and performance.”


– McKinsey  |  The State of Organizations 2023 Report

The key to finding that sweet spot is creating the conditions for achieving results without burning out.

A New Approach To Work with Conscious Productivity™.

You need 3 key elements to achieve the desired state for engaged, thriving teams.


In our research and client work, we’ve learned three components are the keys to creating successful, sustainable conditions for you and your team:


Everyone knows what’s important and how to get there, as well as the self-awareness about how their work style and mindset contributes to success.


The team environment, behaviours, and interactions support great results. The leaders and team know how to create the daily conditions for success – together.


Each team member understands the conditions they need for individual accountability, focus, and fulfillment—and takes ownership for creating those conditions.

Leadership development for all levels of your organization.

Conscious Productivity™ solutions are designed to help you and your team find the sweet spot of results, fulfillment, and well-being.

Individual Leadership

Gain clarity about creating environments for you and your team to thrive.
Achieve great results while being able to balance the tensions between work and life.

Solutions include:

+ Individual 360 and personality assessments

+ Leadership skill development

+ 1:1 leadership coaching

Team Development

Achieve team goals with more ease. Understand the team interpersonal dynamics needed to clarify goals, define accountability, improve and uphold commitments, and implement new routines.

Solutions include:

+ Team assessments

+ Group workshops

+ Team coaching

Organization Growth

Create a culture that increases leadership capacity, plus the resiliency and psychological health and safety needed for optimal environments for everyone.

Solutions include:

+ Assessments & analysis

+ Custom program solutions

Hi there,

I’m Stephanie Woodward, founder of Agency to Change. I’ve been in your shoes, and as a senior executive in multiple organizations, I needed to figure out how to achieve high standards and complex outcomes without sacrificing the health and well-being of myself and my teams. (I learned some of those lessons the hard way.)

Now I work as a leadership and team performance consultant and coach, with certifications in coaching, personality & behaviour dynamics, resiliency, and psychological health and safety. I work in partnership with my clients to remove the friction and optimize individual and team experience.

Read what it’s like to work with me (you’ll be in great company).


I’ve had the honour to work with incredible clients who were ready to refine their leadership style and embrace best practices to lead with both people and results in mind. Here’s what recent clients had to say about working with Agency to Change to help increase the effectiveness and success of their teams:

“Culture change is hard, and it’s even harder to do it alone.  With Stephanie’s expert guidance and partnership, we’re doing a better job with trust, collaboration, and innovation. Thanks, Stephanie for being with us on this important journey.”

–  Maureen Boon  |  Registrar, College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

“Practical, smart, and knowledgeable. Stephanie is a breath of fresh air. She listened to our business HR needs and created solutions that worked for us versus suggesting out of the box pie in the sky HR ideas.  She really captured our organizational culture, knew all the right questions to ask, offered insightful suggestions, and helped me think through critical issues. She guided me through the process of embedding psychological health and safety factors and practices into our everyday behaviors. I was thrilled with the finished product and believe not only myself, but all our employees were better for having had Stephanie guiding us on our journey.  If you are lucky enough to have Stephanie with your organization, you should jump at the chance.”


Erin Poirier  |  VP, Human Resources, SCM Insurance Services

“Working with Stephanie has been an absolute game-changer for me. She has provided insightful counsel and unwavering support that has propelled my professional development forward. She has the unique ability to listen deeply, ask the right questions, and empower me to uncover the right solutions. What sets Stephanie apart is her holistic approach – she understands that success is not just about skills and titles, but also about well-being and balance. She’s helped me strike that balance, enabling me to excel in my career while maintaining my sense of self and well-being. I’m incredibly grateful to Stephanie for her impact on my journey and confidently recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated partner in their growth.”


– Meghan Sherwin  |  PRESIDENT, Keilhauer

Learn about optimizing teams and conscious productivity in two books by Agency to Change Founder Stephanie Woodward.

My first book, The Big Scale Back, focused on helping individuals embrace the principles of conscious productivity in their work and help them recover from burnout and gain fulfillment without sacrificing their ability to contribute fully to the success of their team.

In my upcoming book, Conscious Productivity for Teams, I share the steps leaders need to take to support their teams through this transformation to optimize their own well-being and fulfillment, without sacrificing great results. Your team becomes ready to face disruptions, changes, and shifts in the business landscape because they are resilient and operating at high levels of connection and performance.

Ready to embark on a remarkable transformation? Let’s talk.

Book a strategy call with me today and let’s shape a future together where new parameters for well-being, fulfillment, and success in high-performing teams are the norm.

Even if you’re unsure whether you’re ready for support, I’ll share some ideas that might help you figure out what could be next for you and your team.

You’re ready. Your team is ready.

Let’s unlock your full potential

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Want the inside scoop on the secrets to achieving conscious productivity, both as a leader and an individual? Join my newsletter for research, trends, and success stories about navigating the new way to achieving true balance of results and well-being.

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